Pehchaan The Unscripted Show: Mahesh Bhatt is bringing the talk show ‘Pehchaan’, will unveil the untold story of these 13 people

Renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is going to redefine the talk show landscape with a highly anticipated series ‘Pehchaan’. Collaborated with producers Vinay Bhardwaj and Asees Chadha and with great direction by Suhrita Das, Pehchan will be a unique and heart-touching journey that will unveil the lives of 13 prominent personalities of the Indian Sikhs. With Pehchan, the audience will be taken on an unusual journey as Mahesh Bhatt engages in candid and soul-touching conversations with individuals who have made significant contributions in important fields.

a unique perspective
Vinay Bhardwaj and Asees Chadha’s recognition as producers is a testament to their commitment to producing content that transcends boundaries and fosters understanding. Director Suhrita Das brings her creative flair to Incognito, ensuring that each episode is an experience that is a snapshot of the lives of hard-working people.

heart touching conversation

The hallmark of identity lies in its ability to go beyond forced vigilance. Provides an intimate and human platform to bring audiences into their personal narratives, aspirations, and vision of those iconic moments. Each episode is 30 minutes long, giving hard-working artists a concise and authentic platform for their personal stories, aspirations and important moments.

Mahesh Bhatt’s special touch
With his unique interviewing style, Mahesh Bhatt makes recognition an engaging and thought-provoking experience. Known for his ability to bring out hardships and tell untold stories, Bhatt connects with the audience on a deep level. Let’s make sure to approach this content with thoughtfulness. The ideal of identity is the ability to break rules and provide a path toward a new era of heartfelt conversation. The 13 episodes aim to showcase a number of unique anecdotes from management who have left a lasting impact on the country.

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