Phulera village was found after searching 300 villages, all the artists had to wear sweaters in the scorching heat, know five such interesting stories related to the Panchayat

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the third season of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular web show Panchayat. Three seasons have already been released. The third season has started streaming on Amazon Prime from 28 May 2024 and once again Phulera village and its people are ready to tickle you, but do you know that to find Phulera village, the makers had to search 300 villages, only then they liked Phulera village. In the same way, there are many more stories that can surprise you, let us tell you.

5 interesting stories of Panchayat

1. The Panchayat web series is based on the entire Phulera village and all the actors in it have appeared in the role of village people. In such a situation, clothes were bought from the local market for the actors, but as soon as the cheap clothes were washed, they all shrunk and got spoiled. After this, the costume designer had to work hard again.

2. Actor Faisal Malik, who played the role of Prahlad Chacha in Panchayat, was actually not ready to return to the field of acting, but the writer and director had become fans of his cameo role in Gangs of Wasseypur and he could not refuse him and said yes to this role.

3. Very few people know that Panchayat was shot during summer. But to shoot the Republic Day scene, all the actors had to wear sweaters because on 26th January it is very cold in the whole of India, even in such a temperature of 40 degrees, all the actors were seen wearing sweaters.

4. There is a mention of a haunted tree in an episode of Panchayat. Finding this tree was very difficult for the makers. Even after half the show was over, no such big tree was found. Then the whole team went out in different directions on break day to look for the tree and on the last day of the schedule, this tree was found. Then its sequence was shot in two nights.

5. The Panchayat web series was shot in a village in Madhya Pradesh, but it was very difficult to find the right place for the Panchayat office. Many people roamed around for more than two weeks and after searching 300 villages, they found the right village. But the road here was very bad, so the production had to build many roads in the village, only then people could reach there for shooting.

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