Raj Kapoor used to come four hours late for shooting, troubled by his habit of lateness, this actress taught him a lesson, said – I wait for you every day…

Bollywood’s fourteenth moon Waheeda Rehman and the industry’s first showman Raj Kapoor have given one better film than the other. And, such a memorable work has been done that it remains a lesson for today’s times also. While Waheeda Rehman had no equal in beauty and acting, Raj Kapoor was also called a showman through his innovations. But there was also a weakness due to which Raj Kapoor’s co-stars got upset with him. When the same habit burdened Waheeda Rehman, she also taught Raj Kapoor a lesson in a unique way.

Waheeda Rahman himself narrated the story

Waheeda Rehman herself narrated this incident related to Raj Kapoor’s late joke on Kapil Sharma’s show. Kapil Sharma asked Waheeda Rehman that which star used to come late. In response, Waheeda Rehman took the name of Raj Kapoor. Waheeda Rehman told that Raj Kapoor used to come very late for the morning shift. She used to get tired of waiting every day. One day he told the producer to keep the shooting in the afternoon shift instead of the morning shift. Then the shooting of the film was started from 2 o’clock. But still Raj Kapoor came by six o’clock.

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it became like this

Seeing Waheeda Rehman waiting, the producer one day told her not to come to the shoot the next day until he called. Because he doesn’t like seeing them waiting like this. The next morning the producer called in a hurry asking him to come quickly, Raj Kapoor had come since seven in the morning and was sitting in the auto. When Waheeda Rehman reached the set, Raj Kapoor said that I am infamous for coming late, today you have come late. Now you will apply makeup and get your hair done. How long will I wait? In response to this, Waheeda Rehman said that I have been waiting for you every day. You wait for me today. Let us tell you that Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman have worked together in two films, they are Ek Dil Aur Sau Afsane and Teesri Kasam.

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