Rashmi Desai got angry on the statements of Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law, said – What does it mean that we have to bear the expenses…

Rashmi Desai Reaction On Ankita Lokhande Mother in Law: Ankita Lokhande, who is seen in Bigg Boss 17, has been a topic of discussion since the beginning. Meanwhile, the entry of Vicky Jain’s mother i.e. the actress’s mother-in-law in the reality show brought a new twist. Even after leaving the show, Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law made such comments that the actress’s best friend Rashmi Desai has expressed anger at Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain through a post on Instagram.

Rashmi Desai criticized Vicky Jain’s mother on her Instagram story and wrote, “Times are tough, stay strong. Stay as you are. That’s why I love you. You have gone through many changes and this is only for you.” No. Your love and the contribution of the person you love is equally important. You have achieved everything with your hard work. The fearless attitude inherited from Ankita Lokhande has made you and I really love you very much. I do.”

He further wrote, “You never needed this. But you have accepted it very lovingly and hopefully the family will absolutely understand that the show will end and it is not just about Ankita. It is about both of them. They They are mature enough to handle it. And I know aunty you might feel bad. But both of them are my friends. They are Bigg Boss and contestants. Please don’t come out and play Bigg Boss. Life is still left my friend Ankita Lokhande. Vikas Jain”

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While sharing the video of Vicky’s mom, the actress wrote, “I’m sorry aunty.” She never wanted to do this show. He did it for love for Vicky Jain. Aunty, what do you mean by having to meet other expenses? Both of them had a love marriage and even before that she was not on the road. She is Ankita Lokhande. Even if Bigg Boss invests money on your son. Our girl is also pure gold. Everyone has their own battle. But you don’t want their marriage to last. There are fights between every husband and wife. And the show is also difficult. This is your condition in 2 days. If you take it out for 4 months, you will understand the problem. I respect you. I always will. But you are wrong here.

Let us tell you, recently after the Family Week in the show, Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law had commented about the married relationship of Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain.

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