Raza Murad’s daughter is as beautiful as her father. Seeing the simplicity of Ayesha, people said – it is unbelievable.

Raza Murad’s stern face, harsh eyes and his heavy voice were enough to terrify the film audience. This voice of his became his identity. Raza Murad is the son of famous actor Murad. Murad also worked in the film industry for decades, during which he was seen with many great stars like Dilip Kumar, Prithviraj Kapoor. But the daughter did not get this film heritage of the family. Raza Murad’s daughter is seen with him on Instagram, but has not been seen on the film screen.

This is Raza Murad’s daughter

The name of Raza Murad’s daughter is Ayesha Murad. You can see Ayesha Murad in many pictures on Raza Murad’s Instagram. Raza Murad often posts pictures with his family. In which he is seen with his wife, daughter and son. Looking at these pictures, it can be guessed that Raza Murad’s daughter is as beautiful and intelligent as her mother. But he is far away from the limelight in which the audience likes to see him.

cousin sister has shown amazing

Raza Murad’s daughter Ayesha Murad has kept distance from films while her sister Sanobar Kabir has appeared on the film screen many times. Sanobar is the real niece of Kabir Raza Murad. In this respect, she seems to be Ayesha Murad’s cousin. Sanobar Kabir has appeared in movies like Mother 98. He got a chance to work with Rekha in this film. Apart from this, she has also worked in TV and music albums.

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