Rekha, not Madhuri, was the lady superstar of her time, used to charge more than the hero, never watched her own film

Even today in Bollywood, the fees of an actress are much less than that of a hero. However, now this tradition is gradually changing. This used to be quite common in the 80-90s. At that time the heroine got less fees than the hero. But there was also an actress whose fees were many times more than the hero. His stardom was such that once he even refused to work with Amitabh Bachchan. We are talking about Sridevi, the favorite of every heart, who started acting at the age of four and ruled the industry for 50 years. She used to be the highest paid actress during her time.

How much was Sridevi’s fee?

Sridevi was the first Bollywood actress to charge Rs 1 crore as fees. This used to be the era when only a few selected actors were offered fees worth crores. He started his career with the film ‘Solohwan Sawan’. Sridevi’s films used to rock the box office. There used to be a fight for tickets.

Even Amitabh Bachchan was rejected

Sridevi was approached by the makers for the film ‘Khuda Gawah’ released in 1992, but before this she had given a statement along with many big names that the heroine in Amitabh’s films is nothing more than just an extra. Therefore, at first he had rejected this film but when he read the script later, he immediately agreed. Sridevi worked in more than 300 films in her acting career. Not only Hindi, he also played characters in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. His stardom was such that once even Salman Khan became nervous while working with him.

Sridevi did not watch her films

Sridevi never used to watch her films after their release. This was revealed by his daughter Jhanvi Kapoor in a media program. Remembering Sridevi, she told that her mother never watched her films. Now Jhanvi herself is understanding her mother’s work very closely.

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