Remembering his father Irrfan Khan, Babil wrote, sometimes I feel like leaving everything and going to Baba.

Earlier this year, Babil Khan had made an emotional post about his father Irrfan Khan. Now once again Babil is in the headlines because of a post about his father. There was discussion on this post but most of the people were worried about him because he had written it like this. On April 24, Babil wrote on Instagram Story, sometimes I feel like leaving everything and going to Baba. Babil has now deleted this post from Instagram but it created a stir as soon as it came on the internet.

Internet users started trying to know whether Babil is okay or not. His followers and acquaintances started asking questions on social media. Everyone was wondering whether Babil was going into depression. Currently, the screenshot of Babil’s post is going viral on Reddit. People are commenting on this and asking whether Babil is alright or not. You will be surprised to know that Babil had deleted this post just 15 minutes after sharing it.

Is everything okay with Babil?
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One commented, Irrfan Khan’s death anniversary is on 29th April. How difficult this time will be for Babylon. Grief comes in waves and sometimes it becomes difficult to get out of it. Losing someone is not that easy. There was a comment, Babil lost his parents at a very young age.

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