Renu Dhariwal had played the character of Shurpanakha of Ramayana, now after being away from the world of acting, she has undergone such a transformation in 37 years.

The TV show Ramayan changed the face of television in the year 1987. There was a time when as soon as this iconic show came on TV, people would leave their work and sit down to watch it. At the same time, its characters were called to the audience not by their real names but by the names of the show. Be it the character of Ram or Ravana’s sister Shurpanakha, who won the hearts of the audience with her acting. Now the laughter of actress Renu Dhariwal, who played this character, echoed in every household. Whereas today, in 37 years, his look has completely changed.

Renu Dhariwal played the character of Shurpanakha at the age of 22. Today her age is close to 60 years and now her entire look has changed and she has gone away from the film world. Although she seems active in the world of politics. According to reports, she is a Congress party worker. He also has a 23 year old son.

Talking about Renu Dhariwal getting the role of Shurpanakha, the actress went against her family and acted in theatre. However, her mother supported her and she lied and came to Mumbai. After this, during a show, Ramanand Sagar asked her to audition for the role of Shurpankha. Along with this, he was also asked to laugh like a demon, due to which he got this role. Even today fans are impressed by his laughter.

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