Roar of Gadar 2: South’s film earned 10 times more than its budget, was called all time blockbuster, know the name of South’s movie

In the year 2023, the roar of Gadar 2 ruined the collections of many films. At the same time, no one seemed to be able to compete with this film of Sunny Deol. But the charm of South is different because in terms of earning without any big budget, it is no less than Bollywood films. This is one of these films, which was released two weeks after the release of Gadar 2. But it was seen giving competition in terms of earnings. Not only this, it left its mark on the box office in such a way that it could not be erased.

This film is RDX: Robert Donnie Xavier, released on 25 August 2023, whose budget was only 8 crores. The film had earned Rs 84.55 crore at the box office. The South movie released on Netflix had earned up to Rs 45 crore in India. Not only this, the success of this film was also seen on OTT.

The story of the film is about three people whose lives change when a surprising turn comes in their lives. It is noteworthy that many blockbuster Bollywood films came in 2023, starting with Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan. This movie created a new milestone by earning Rs 500 crore in India and Rs 1000 crore worldwide. Gadar 2 was also seen making a worldwide earning of Rs 600 crores.

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