Salaar’s Rajamannar called Prabhas a box office king, said – a very good person…

Salaar has been released in theatres. The box office collection of the film has crossed Rs 500 crore. The audience is liking the film’s action, characters and Khansar’s world very much. Shruti Haasan, Shriya Reddy, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Jagapathi Babu were seen with Prabhas in Salaar. Jagapathi Babu has played the character of Rajamannar in the film and he is also a well-known name in the South Industry. Only a strong glimpse of his character has been given in Salaar and this character is expected to be even more lively in Salaar 2. Here is a special conversation with NDTV’s Jagapati Babu…

How did you get the role of Rajamannar in Salaar?

I don’t know much about it nor does it have any specific process because I always believe that good directors find you wherever you are. The character and the name of the person doing it are very clear in their mind. So whether you are in the Himalayas or on the moon, they will definitely find you. I met Prashant Neel in Bangalore, but this role came much later. Then we connected very well and I hoped that I would get a good role with him and it happened, I am really happy with it.

What was the special thing about Salar that attracted you the most?

The first thing is that I liked the entire world of Salar very much. Secondly, Prashant is special in himself. In this way, everything from the production house onwards was amazing. Everything was special for me and today it has become super special for me.

Tell us one special thing about Prabhas and also tell us how was the experience of working with him?

Prabhas is a person with whom there is no controversy associated. She is a very amazing personality. This is because he is a very nice person. He is very sweet and genuine. It is very easy to fall into the trap of this industry, but he has created his own space and he lives in it. He knows very well how much I like him. I am very happy for him and in fact the whole world is very happy for him. He is the box office king.

You also worked with top actors and directors of South and Bollywood. In such a situation, how do you find Prashant Neel different from the rest?

I have worked with big directors in the South and have also worked with Salman Bhai in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan in Bollywood. I would be the first to say that he believes in the magic of cinema and it is very easy to work with him. I was telling people that everything was very easy, in my shots everything was done in one take and there was no need for a second take. Therefore working with them is very easy and comfortable. This is what makes them special too. He treats cinema as cinema, this is something that makes him even more committed to his work.

For the last few years, top films of South Industry are not possible without you. What is the mantra of this success?

I have been lucky that I got the opportunity from being a lead actor to being a character artist and also got the love of the audience. Because of this, films are being released continuously. The audience is liking me in roles ranging from character actor to villain. I believe that people appreciate talent.

What was that thing in 2013-14 that made you decide to switch from lead to character actor?

First thing, we always have to do something fresh. I didn’t want to stick to one thing. I am the hero, the lead and this is what I have to do. In the year 2008, I had taken the decision and I talked to the producers that now making a film with me in the lead will not be a profitable deal for you. So I gracefully asked him to shelve the film. Many people also spoke ill of me for saying this. At that very moment I took the decision. Then I had to wait for some long time and after that I started getting character roles. In this way I adapted myself to the character.

You are doing films like Kanguva, Guntur Karam and Pushpa 2 in South, do you have any projects in Bollywood also?

Yes, many projects are currently being explored. But I will soon be seen in a film with Ayush Sharma.

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