Sapna Chaudhary broke the stage with her explosive dance on ‘Badli Badli Laage’, you might not have seen such an amazing dance before.

Haryanvi singer-dancer Sapna Choudhary can make anyone’s heart skip a beat with her dance performance. His madness goes to the head of people. While lakhs of people gather to watch Sapna’s dance on the stage, crores of people also watch her dance on social media. As soon as it comes on YouTube, his songs make its place in the trending list. One of his five year old songs is still people’s favorite and once again it is going viral.

This 5 year old song is still everyone’s favorite

Sapna Chaudhary’s song ‘Badli-Badli Laage’, known as the queen of Haryana, was released on YouTube 5 years ago. Dressed in blue salwar kameez and dupatta, Sapna is seen doing amazing desi dance. Like every time, in this song too, her style and dance steps are amazing, which the desi people like very much.

Chhaya Latest Song in Trading Chart

This song of Sapna Choudhary has been viewed more than 23 million times and fans have praised it a lot by commenting. Recently Sapna Chaudhary’s song Jale 2 was released. In just two months it has been viewed more than 14 crore times and this number is continuously increasing. In this song too, Sapna is seen in blue colored Ghagra choli and is stealing people’s hearts with her desi style.

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