Sapna Choudhary was again seen in the same style, wearing such a colorful blue suit that the fans kept watching.

Who does not know Sapna Chaudhary? By dancing on ‘Teri Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal’, she has achieved such popularity that everyone thinks that this song is hers. Whereas this song is of DC Madana. But Sapna Choudhary made it popular. Sapna performed this song so many times in her programs and events that this song seems to be her patent. It takes a lot of hard work for Sapna to make her mark in dance. Sapna, who once did only local programmes, today does music videos, has appeared in Bollywood films and has even become a part of the small screen’s most controversial show Bigg Boss.

The old style is visible again

You might be wondering why we are remembering Sapna today? Actually, while visiting Sapna’s social media account, we came across a video which showed her old style. Just after seeing this we felt that we had to share this with you. We are saying old look because now Sapna’s style has changed. He shared a video on his own song ‘Gori Vee Halve Halve Chaal’. In this, Sapna is seen in a blue suit. His expressions are such that anyone can keep looking at them.

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Post went viral on social media

While sharing the video, Sapna wrote, ‘Open hair.’ Fans are getting a lot of comments on this. One wrote, Ma’am, you shared a very beautiful memory. A fan said, madam, there is no one in competition with you.

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