Seeing Shahrukh Khan’s sister, fans forgot Madhuri, Kareena, Katrina, seeing dimples and smile in the cheeks they said – If there is simplicity then it is like this.

The king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has earned a big name in the film industry on the basis of his hard work. Now Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana Khan has also debuted in films. But do you know that apart from daughter Suhana and wife Gauri, there is a woman in Shahrukh’s life who is very close to him. Yes, that woman is Shahrukh’s elder sister Shehnaz. Very few people would know about Shahrukh’s sister Shehnaz. Let us tell you that Shehnaz (Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan) stays away from limelight.

Shehnaz is very close to brother Shahrukh Khan

Shehnaz’s full name is Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan. Shehnaz has been seen with Shahrukh Khan many times. When Aryan Khan returned home from jail, Shehnaz was seen outside Shahrukh Khan’s house. However, she stays away from glamor and looking at her it cannot be guessed that she is the sister of superstar Shahrukh Khan. In this old photo you can see Shahrukh with his sister Shehnaz. Shehnaaz’s simplicity is visible in this photo.

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An accident changed Shehnaz’s life

There are some very painful stories related to Shehnaaz’s life. Shahrukh Khan himself had told during an interview that his sister Shehnaz had been a victim of depression and had also seen very bad times. Actually, the shock of Shahrukh’s father’s death was very deep for Shehnaz. She fell after seeing her father’s dead body and suffered a head injury. When the doctors in India responded, she was treated abroad. Shehnaaz was very educated and intelligent, but that one incident changed her life.

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