Seeing the simplicity of Prem Chopra’s daughter, people forgot all the star kids, said – the more dangerous the villain, the more beautiful the daughter.

Prem, Prem is my name – Prem Chopra has been a dreaded villain who scares people on the big screen with a lot of love. With his big eyes and his mysterious laugh, Prem Chopra used to make the climax of every film interesting. His journey, which started with black and white films, was quite long. He created a special identity as a villain. However, none of his children chose this field. Prem Chopra has three daughters, Raktika Chopra, Punita Chopra and Prerna Chopra. Her youngest daughter Prerna Chopra is very stylish and beautiful.

Prerna Chopra is a businesswoman

Prerna Chopra is the youngest daughter of Prem Chopra’s three daughters. Prerna Chopra is the wife of film actor Sharman Joshi. Prerna Chopra’s pictures are often seen on social media. Prerna Chopra is very stylish and beautiful in appearance. Sharman Joshi also often shares his family photos through his Instagram account. In which Prerna Chopra’s style is also visible and people also like it. The chemistry of both of them also looks amazing in the pictures. Prerna Chopra did not choose acting career like her father but she is a businesswoman.

love at first sight

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Prerna Chopra and Sharman Joshi first met in college. Prerna Chopra had liked Sharman Joshi at first sight and Prerna also liked Sharman Joshi. After this both of them continued meeting. Then one day both of them decided to get married. At the time of marriage, Sharman Joshi was only 21 years old. Now it has been more than two decades since this marriage. Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra have three children. Has an elder daughter and two twin sons.

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