Seeing this look-alike of Sunny Deol, people’s mind is baffled, same face…same look, people are saying funny Deol

It is common for popular stars to have look-alikes in Bollywood. Many times, lookalikes of big Bollywood stars become so popular that people idolize them. Some look-alikes are so similar to their stars that people are unable to recognize who is real and who is fake. In Bollywood, the lookalike of Sunny Deol, who has two and a half kilos of hands, is also surprising people with his looks and acting. The look of this look-alike also resembles that of Sunny Paaji. The video of Sunny Deol’s duplicate is becoming increasingly viral on the internet these days and people are giving different reactions after watching it.

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sunny Deol’s lookalike
The name of this lookalike of Sunny Deol is Sanjay Madhav. Sanjay’s looks are very similar to Sunny Deol. He looks young and macho like Sunny Paaji. Even his beard and style of dressing look like Sunny Deol. Sanjay is a big fan of Sunny. His social media account is also full of his Sunny-like acting exploits. You will be surprised to know that Sanjay has more than 1.5 lakh followers on his Instagram account. Sanjay is also invited to many programs for acting like Sunny.

Netizens said – Sunny Deol’s first copy
Sanjay enacts scenes from Sunny Deol’s films in his social media videos with such depth that people become crazy about his acting. Sanjay himself likes Sunny very much and hence he follows every style of his favorite star in his videos. Almost every video of his gets a lot of comments and likes. Some fans call him the first copy of Sunny Deol while some say that he really looks like Sunny Deol. There is a saying that no matter how many lookalikes come, only Ajay Devgan will win. The same one asked from where did you find it brother?

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