She became a widow 11 days after marriage, then married an actor thrice, and married him. Her love story is more interesting than Rekha’s…did you recognize her?

When it comes to stories related to love life and marriage, the first name that comes to mind is Rekha. There was no dearth of love in her life. But no love could turn into a complete relationship. Everything from her love to her marriages remained completely mysterious. Such was the life of another actress, who got married for the first time at a very young age. The happiness of her married life could last only for 11 days. After this, everything changed in the actress’s life. Do you know who is that actress who got limelight from her first film and got the happiness of marriage with an actor who had married thrice.

Happiness ended in 11 days

This actress is Leena Chandavarkar, whose career started with modeling. Leaving the world of modeling, Leena Chandavarkar entered the dazzling world of Bollywood at the age of just 18. In her very first film Man Ka Meet, she got a chance to work with a star like Sunil Dutt. She also became a star overnight. After this, her film journey continued. At the age of 24, Leena Chandavarkar had a love marriage with Siddharth Bandodkar. Look at the game of fate, 11 days after marriage, Siddharth got shot while cleaning his own gun and he died during treatment. After this, Leena Chandavarkar did not get love from both her in-laws and parents.

Married to an actor who has been married thrice

Leena Chandavarkar somehow spent a year and made a comeback in movies at the age of 25. She was lucky that she got the same love from the audience the second time too. She worked with stars like Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor. Meanwhile, Kishore Kumar proposed to her, who had already married three times. After some time, Leena Chandavarkar accepted Kishore Kumar’s proposal and got married. Although her family was not happy with her decision, but finally Kishore Kumar convinced her.

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