Shock that Anupama will not get a gift on her birthday, fans said after seeing the new promo – If this was to be done then…

Anupama Update In Hindi: Anupama serial tops the TRP list every week. However, it also seems to be a victim of serial trolling on social media, the reason for which is the twist brought by the makers. These days, the love triangle of Anuj, Anupama and Shruti is being seen in the show. Meanwhile, the new promo of the serial has increased the anger of the fans and they are saying that if this was to be done then why Anuj and Anupama were introduced…

In the promo of Anupama’s upcoming episode, Anupama will be seen celebrating her birthday. But he will get a big shock in return. Actually, in the clip, Yashdeep and the restaurant workers together give a surprise birthday gift to Anupama, in which the product of Chai Masala is seen along with her photo. Everyone seems happy with this celebration. But the twist comes when Shruti comes and congratulates Anupama and hands over Anuj and his wedding card.

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Talking about the latest track, recently Anupama has to go to jail because of Toshu. But to protect her honor and to teach her son a lesson, she decides to send him to jail. However Vanraj and Baa are against him. But Anuj and Yashdeep are seen supporting him. Due to this, fans are looking quite excited whether Anupama and Anuj will meet in the upcoming episode or whether a new story will start.

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