Sometimes he got slapped by Shahrukh Khan and sometimes stardom became his burden, know the 5 biggest controversies of Honey Singh

Honey Singh Five Controversies: Honey Singh, who once changed the entire atmosphere with his songs, is today away from the limelight. King Honey Singh, who brought ‘pop’ to Indian singing and made his fans dance on ‘English beat’, had to stay out of the industry for a long time due to one of his habits. Honey Singh, who was rapidly climbing the heights of career from Punjabi music to Bollywood industry, did not even know when his fans suddenly came down. There were many controversies behind this. Sometimes his drug addiction tarnished his image and sometimes he had to face ignorance due to controversies. Today we are going to tell you those 5 controversies of Honey Singh, due to which Yo-Yo Honey Singh, who gave hit songs like ‘Love Dose’, ‘Char Bottle Vodka’, ‘Dheere Dheere’ and ‘Desi Kalakar’, is missing from the industry. Have become.

Honey Singh’s 5 biggest controversies

1. Starting with Honey Singh Boycott

Yo-Yo Honey Singh was quickly making a place in the hearts of his fans. Everyone liked his songs from ‘Brown Rang’ to ‘International Villager’ and ‘Aao Raja’, but there was an uproar when his song ‘Main Hoon Rapist…’ came. As soon as this song was released, people got angry and there were demands to boycott and ban such actions. However, later Honey Singh told in an interview that this song was not his but by then the anger of the fans had increased.

2. When King Khan showed ‘Baadshaht’ to Honey

When Honey Singh’s career graph increased, his demand in Bollywood also started increasing. He gave a huge hit by singing ‘Lungi Dance’ with Shahrukh Khan but then while singing ‘Makhna Makhna’ with King Khan, Honey Singh forgot his limits and then one day King Khan had to show him his kingship. According to media reports, on some special occasion, Honey Singh said something to Shahrukh, hearing which the king lost his temper and slapped Honey hard. However, Honey Singh’s ex-wife Shalini had called it just a rumour.

3. Stardom overshadows the police station

Honey Singh’s third controversy happened when Honey Singh had to go to the police station for an obscene video. A case was registered against him because of the ‘Kaanta Laga’ video. When Honey Singh reached the police station to give his statement, all the policemen present there got his photos clicked, after which there was a lot of uproar.

4. When Honey Singh went ‘one bottle down’,

After this, Honey Singh’s songs like ‘Dope Shop’, ‘Paris Ka Trip’ became huge hits but he failed to manage his success. Honey Singh, who had become famous, could not digest the stardom and started drowning in drugs. There were reports that he was deeply entangled in the web of drugs. To get rid of this, one had to seek help from a rehab center. Honey Singh himself had told this to be true.

5. When Women’s Commission did not like Honey Singh’s comeback

After somehow coming out of drug addiction, Honey Singh started once again but controversies did not leave him. His song ‘Makhna’ was liked very much by the youth but in the eyes of the Women’s Commission, this song was irritating. The objection that started with a line in this song ‘Main Hoon Womanizer’ again brought him into the midst of controversy. After which not only was the demand raised to ban this song but a criminal case was also registered against him.

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