Son is four steps ahead of Manoj Joshi in talent, good looking star kids failed with simple looks, people said – if you have a son then it is like this

Whether you are fond of watching TV serials or like watching a movie on the big screen, you cannot be unaware of the face of actor Manoj Joshi. Manoj Joshi is a well-known face of every genre of film or show, who is fit in roles ranging from comedy to serious roles. Not only Manoj Joshi, his son Dharamaj Joshi is also no less in terms of talent. Dharamaj Joshi is as famous behind the camera as he is active and talented. Let us tell you that Dharamaj Joshi is no less than his father in terms of talent and in terms of looks also he competes with Bollywood stars.

Identity created by this film

Dharamaj Joshi, like his father Manoj Joshi, is a talented and brilliant actor, who looks better than many actors in terms of looks and is also very serious about his work, who has made his special identity in the world of acting as well as music. Have made it. According to media reports, Dharamaj is not only an actor, he is also active in the world of music and has been associated with theater since the age of nine.

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In the year 2014, he debuted in Marathi film. After this he also appeared in the TV serial Shyam Ki Mummy. Talking about his plays, he has been seen in Rangeela Re, Prem Nu Paytm and Chanakya. Apart from this, they also give acting training to school children. He has worked as an audio producer in the National Award winning short film Dal Bhaat.

Father is also a National Award Winner

Dharamaj Joshi’s father i.e. Manoj Joshi has been awarded the Padmashree Award in the year 2018. Apart from this, he has also won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Dashakriya. Apart from Hindi theatre, TV and cinema, Manoj Joshi is also active in Gujarati industry.

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