Studied till seventh class, used to sell pens on the streets through mimicry, fed up with poverty, this comedian lay down on the railway tracks.

There is a comedian in Bollywood whose name alone is enough to bring a smile on the faces of the audience. It is not just that he is called the King of Comedy. There is no comparison to his comedy on the silver screen. When he comes on screen, people are unable to control their laughter just by seeing his expressions. Yes, you recognized it right, here we are talking about Bollywood’s comedy king Johnny Lever. But perhaps you will be surprised to know that the life of this artist who made people laugh was full of pain and difficulties, hearing which your eyes will also become moist.

Had to leave studies due to financial constraints

Johnny Lever was born on 14 August 1957 in Andhra Pradesh. He has studied only till seventh class. Due to financial constraints, Johnny Lever had to leave studies in the seventh class itself. Father’s addiction to alcohol increased the problems. To earn two meals a day, Johnny Lever even sold pans on the streets. When the pens could not be sold, they started selling them by copying actors. Johnny Lever also worked with his father in Hindustan Unilever Company. This is where he got the name Johnny Lever.

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Attempted suicide at the age of 13

Johnny Lever was troubled by the lack of money at home and his father’s habit of fighting and fighting under the influence of alcohol. He became so frustrated that at the age of just 13, he had decided to let go. He went to the railway line, lay down and waited for the train to arrive. Then suddenly the face of the family appeared before the eyes of Johnny Lever, who was waiting for death and then he immediately canceled this plan.

Sunil Dutt cut the diamond

In the beginning of his career, Johnny Lever used to do musical shows and stand up comedy. Johnny Lever did a tour with Amitabh Bachchan in 1982 where Sunil Dutt caught his eye. Sunil Dutt recognized his ability and gave him his first role in the film Dard Ka Rishta. However, Johnny Lever got recognition from the film Baazigar. Johnny Lever was awarded the Filmfare Award 13 times. Let us tell you that Johnny Lever has worked in about 350 films since the 1980s and has given superhit films.

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