Such entry of bride and groom on Shahid Kapoor’s song, people said – death may come but these moments should not come in life.

You must remember Shahid Kapoor’s marriage. This film which brought family drama was liked by the audience very much and its songs were also on everyone’s lips. The pairing of Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao in the film impressed the audience a lot. Who would have thought that people would like the songs of this film so much that people would start planning their bridal entry based on them. Yes, a video is going viral on the internet that is why we mentioned this film. In this video, the bride and groom took the entry in such a grand style that till date neither the film makers would have thought of this nor anyone would have had the idea that the entry and Jai Mala could happen like this.

What is the scene?

If you watch this video, initially it will seem that the bride is coming towards the groom standing on the back of a swan, but as soon as the groom is seen, all the confusion goes away. Actually both of them were riding on the halves of the heart and when they gradually come closer, one heart is formed. With this entry, ‘Two Unknown Strangers’ from the wedding was playing in the background.

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Funny comments came on the video

This video is entertaining people a lot on social media. Seeing this, people are saying that death may come but this moment should never come in life. One wrote, all this drama makes a joke these days. One said, brother, if this happens at my wedding, I will run away. One wrote, people don’t do anything to go viral.

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