Sunil Shetty exposed Ranveer Singh, asked- Is anyone going? Anna got such a reply that she held her head.

Paparazzi are often seen following Bollywood stars to capture them on their cameras. Sometimes these paparazzi are seen waiting for celebs in the gym, sometimes at the airport and sometimes outside a restaurant. In such a situation, you too must have wondered many times that how do they know where which star is at the moment. At the same time, some people might also know that the PR of these stars informs the paparazzi about their comings and goings, so that they remain in the limelight. In such a situation, a video has surfaced, which makes people aware of this truth.

In this video going viral on Twitter, you can see Anna i.e. Sunil Shetty talking with the paparazzi. Sunil Shetty asks in this video, ‘Is anyone going?’ To which Pap replies that Ranveer Singh is going. Then Anna says with amusement, ‘PR called’. To which the paparazzi says yes and starts laughing loudly. Hearing this, Sunil Shetty also holds his forehead and sits in the car.

From this question of Sunil Shetty, it has become clear that it is the PR of the celebs who calls these people. You must have seen such videos of some stars many times, in which they say how did you know I am here. In such a situation, now even the fans have started understanding these things of the stars, that is why while commenting on the video, a user has written, ‘First they call themselves and then they say that you have also come here. But today Anna exposed everyone.

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