Swati Mishra’s Ram Raj song came before Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha ceremony, fans said – heart touched

Ram Raj Fir Se Aayil Ba Song Out: The second song of Ayodhya Ram Temple was released under the banner of BhojpuriT and Bhojpuri Aastha. Produced by producer Shailendra Dwivedi and written by lyricist Prafulla Tiwari, this song has been sung by singer and social media fame Swati Mishra. The title of this song based on the arrival of Ram Raj is “Ram Raj Ab Phir Se Ail Ba”. It is noteworthy that recently the same music label had released a song in the voice of bhajan emperor Anup Jalota.

This song, sung by Swati Mishra, created a stir on social media in the initial hours and people started sharing the song. Song producer and BhojpuriT founder Shailendra Dwivedi said that it is a moment of good fortune that we are seeing the construction of Ram temple. The way there has been a new enthusiasm regarding the Ram temple from children to the elderly, and happiness is being celebrated everywhere, it is really giving the feeling of Ram Raj.

Singer Swati Mishra told that after singing “Ram Aayenge” she got so much love from people that when it came to “Ram Raj”, she could not refuse, and immediately agreed to this song. He also told that the blessings received from the Prime Minister have encouraged him and also inspired him to do better in future.

Retired police officer Ajay Raj Pandey, founder of “Sanatani Coins”, who is involved in the role of sponsor in the song “Ram Raj Ab Phir Se Ail Ba”, said that the Amrit Kaal which the Prime Minister mentions is also being seen. There is an atmosphere of joy among all four regarding the establishment of Ram temple. The efforts of the present government have also been quite high in this area.

Shailendra Dwivedi said that this is the beginning, gradually we are also considering some good projects, and our effort is to present Bhojpuri in a respectable form in the society.

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