Telugu actor Chandrakant commits suicide after the death of co-star Pavitra Jayaram, industry in deep mourning

Telugu actor Chandrakant has passed away. The actor allegedly committed suicide at his residence in Alkapur, Telangana on Friday. The news of his demise comes a few days after his co-star and close friend Pavitra Jayaram died in a car accident. In his statement to the police, Chandrakant’s father said, “The actor was depressed for the last few days. Chandrakant was deeply mourned by Pavitra’s demise. He had written an emotional tribute to his ‘Trinayani’ co-star. His post on Instagram The last post was also for Pavitra. Reportedly both were in a relationship.

Chandrakant’s last post

In one post he wrote, “This is the last picture I took with you, I can’t digest that you left me alone. Please call me once again. My Pavi is no more, please come back.” She also wrote on her Instagram Stories, “Papa please come back. Please ni mama kanilu aaplu.(Please come back and wipe my tears)”.

Chandrakant was in deep shock

After seeing this post of Chandrakant, it seems that he was deeply saddened by the demise of his co-artist Pavitra and there was a very deep relationship between the two. In such a situation, he was unable to bear the grief of Pavitra’s death. In this way, the Telugu industry is in shock due to the sudden demise of both the actors.

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