The actress of the song ‘Tenu Leke’ once went into depression… now fans will not be able to recognize her changed look.

There are many stars in the film industry who have started talking openly about their depression. Deepika Padukone is also one such star who became a victim of depression after her breakup and then recovered from it. Similarly, many actors and actresses go into depression due to continuous failure or some personal reason. One such star is Anjana Sukhani. Whose attractive face is difficult to forget. Due to some family related reasons, Anjana Sukhani went into depression. But she made a new beginning in Bollywood and looking at her pictures it is easy to say that she looks smarter and more confident than before.

became a victim of depression

Anjana Sukhani was a victim of depression for almost two years. The reason for this was his aunt and grandmother. Anjana Sukhani has told in an interview that her aunt had become a victim of cancer. Since she was unmarried, Anjani Sukhani took charge of her care.

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During this time, Anjana Sukhani saw her aunt’s pain and suffering very closely. He died while struggling with them. His grandmother was also no more. Because of this Anjana Sukhani went into depression. His brother made him realize this and also helped him to overcome depression. After this, Anjana Sukhani once again became active on the film screen.

start of second innings

Anjana Sukhani considers her return to the screen after depression as her second innings. This second innings started with the film Good News. In which he got a chance to work with stars like Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Daljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. Apart from this, she has also been seen in the show Saas Bahu Achar Private Limited on Zee 5. And now they are increasingly busy with their work.

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