The bride did such a dance on Preity Zinta’s song that the viewers got a 440 volt shock and said – Sister, this is your marriage.

Videos of bride’s dance at wedding are going viral these days. Some brides attract people’s attention with their elegant dance and some surprise the onlookers with their strange mannerisms. Seeing the video of one such bride, people are not able to stop laughing on social media. In the video, the bride is dancing as if she has come to someone else’s wedding. After reading the kind of comments people are making after watching this video, you will definitely feel bad laughing.

bride’s dangerous dance

In the video shared on Instagram, a bride dressed in a red dress is seen dancing in a heavy lehenga. She is surrounded by people from all sides and she is dancing to her own tune. The bride is doing a spectacular dance on the song Balle-Balle from the film Soldier. Seeing the dance of this bride jumping and swinging, people say that looking at her it does not seem as if she is the bride herself.

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People said- Didi is not uncontrolled

Lakhs of people have seen it on social media and more than 30 thousand likes have come on it. People are making funny comments on the video. While commenting, a user wrote, she has forgotten that it is her marriage. Another wrote, looks like he has taken two packs. The third user commented, she feels so happy when her parents get her married to a boy of her choice. Another user wrote, it seems that Didi’s dance was stalled for years, today it got blasted. No one will stop.

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