The bride got up from Jaimal’s stage and started dancing, the groom was shocked to see his wife’s appearance, then the brother-in-law did something like this, people asked – what is happening?

In India, weddings are not complete without dance, songs and music, but during weddings many times someone performs such a dance that one bursts into laughter. A funny video of a bride dancing at her own wedding is going viral these days, after watching which you will be surprised as to what happened to this bride. The bride suddenly stands on the stage and then starts jumping like crazy. In such a situation, the expressions of the poor groom are also visible. It is the groom’s expressions that are making people laugh the most.

The bride did a surprising dance

In the video shared on Instagram, the bride dressed in a red dress is seen sitting on the stage of Jaimal. The groom Raja is also there in Sherwani. Then suddenly the bride stands up and starts dancing on the stage. She starts jumping and doing strange steps and the groom just keeps looking at her, speechless. Seeing the bride in excitement, the brother-in-law standing behind also comes to support her and then both of them break the stage and dance together.

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People made funny comments

The video has been viewed more than one million times in just three days and has received more than 4 lakh likes. People are also making funny comments on the video. Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘They have lost their moy-moy’. While another wrote, when your man agrees to marriage, this is the reaction you get. While one wrote, brother, is she dancing or has some spirit come aboard.

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