The budget of this film was less than that of an iPhone, this movie, released 91 years ago, did a lot of magic at the box office.

Nowadays in Bollywood, only that film is considered a superhit which earns many times more than its earning and creates a stir at the box office. Actually, these days it costs crores of rupees to make a film and there is pressure on the makers to earn more than that. But would you believe that there was a time when making a film cost just as much as an iPhone. Yes, this film, made before independence, was made for just 75 thousand rupees and the film earned huge money at the box office. It earned so much that at that time it remained in theaters for a whole year and by earning more than two lakh rupees, it had made the makers rich. The special thing is that this film also received an award at the second Venice International Film Festival.

Telugu movie ‘Savitri’ came in 1933    
We are talking about the 1933 Telugu movie Savitri. The budget of this film was only 75 thousand rupees and it was produced by East India Film Company. The director of the film was Chitta Jalu Puliya. Ramathilakam played the role of Savitri in this film based on the story of Satyavan and Savitri. Vemuri Gagash played the role of Yamraj in the film. Along with this, Nidumukkala Subbarao and Surbhi Kamalabai also played important roles in this film. In the film, Savitri goes against the prophecy and marries Satyavan and then Yamraj takes Satyavan’s life. After this, Savitri wins the battle against Yamraj to take back her husband’s life. The story was legendary and at that time thousands of people flocked to theaters to watch it.

South industry got a boom  
This two hour and five minute film created a stir at the box office. Although many such films were made in that period, this film was liked a lot. The special thing is that apart from Hindi films, this was a film which gave a boom to the South Indian industry by giving a big hit and after this a line of South Indian movies was started on this theme. Talking about Hindi films, that year Alif Laila Films like Nal Damayanti, Bhagya Chakra, Bhool Bhulaiya, Chandrahas, Hatimtai, Karma, Kurukshetra, Lanka Dahan, Lal-e-Yaman, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Roop Basant, Sohni Mahiwal were made.

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