The groom did such a dance to impress the bride, people started laughing and said – looks like he has got a Mercedes.

Earlier, only the relatives used to dance in weddings and the bride and groom used to sit shyly on their own seats and watch all the activities. But now times have changed and the bride and groom themselves also give special performances. Especially brides prepare from their entry till their farewell and stage dance. Whose such videos also become very viral. Such videos of grooms rarely go viral. And, when they happen, sometimes they get praise and sometimes they become jokes. One such video of the groom is going viral. In which he is dancing loudly for his bride.

groom’s romantic dance

This groom’s happiness at his wedding is worth seeing. The groom is dancing on the Bollywood romantic song, Kyunki Tum Hi Ho…. However, their dance movies on this emotional song are not matching well. But his energy and interest are worth seeing. He is trying to express his emotions by completely immersing himself in the song. The bride is also standing nearby. She is wearing a long veil and is standing silently with her head bowed. In the video, the voices of the wedding guests can also be heard from behind, who are encouraging the groom.

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Users’ reactions to the dance

The opinions of users are also divided on this dance of the groom. One user said that the groom is dancing as if he has prepared for the annual function of the school. One user wrote that when he gets an expensive car as dowry, he feels like dancing like this. Some users took the groom’s side and wrote that at least he is trying to impress his bride. It is a different matter that the bride’s veil was not removed. Seeing this, a user wrote that she is not able to see the person for whom he is dancing.

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