The guests were surprised to see aunty doing such a dance on Chikni Chameli, the users said – the public should go to hell while doing their work.

What is the point if a party is organized in the house and your favorite song is played? How can people who are fond of dancing stop themselves? Some people are such level heavy dancers that after seeing their dance, the original dancers dancing in the song start looking dull. After watching one such viral dance video, you will also say what an amazing dance aunty has done. Even Katrina Kaif’s charm will pale in comparison to the energy of aunty who is looking cute in a pink saree. You must also watch this dance video of aunty and believe me, after watching it, you too will be forced to praise her energy and expression.

dance on smooth jasmine

The dance video has been shared from the Instagram handle named Kanika Das Official. In which a woman is dancing on Katrina Kaif’s hit song Chikni Chameli Chhat Pe Akeli…. Looking at the surrounding environment, it seems that it is a wedding celebration and people are celebrating in their own style. In this same gathering, when the song Chikni Chameli was played, a very beautiful woman in pink saree started dancing. The woman played the entire song following the lyrics very well. She danced with great expression and full energy.

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Aunty Rocks

After seeing this energetic dance performance, a user wrote that Katrina Kaif is gone now. Another user wrote that Auntie Rocks shocked everyone else. One user wrote in praise that both the dance and energy are very good. A user also asked that if she is dancing so well today, how well she must have danced in her times. Another wrote that Aunty Mast is enjoying herself. They don’t care about anyone. People should go to hell with their work.

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