The hero kept saving the heroine’s life by getting shot, the heroine stopped the bullets with a brass plate, after watching this scene of the film you will also say that science has ended

Some movie scenes often become so intense that they have nothing to do with reality. Neither do they have anything to do with science nor any other fact stands in front of them. One such movie scene is going viral on social media. After watching it, you will say that even the bullets fired from the gun have failed in front of the hero and the heroine has lifted the heavy plate in her hand very comfortably. After watching this scene, many viewers are also saying that even science and Bhojpuri movies have failed in front of it.

The failed pills

A scene from a movie has been shared on Twitter by a handle called Movies 4 U. Apart from Kajal Aggarwal and Sonu Sood, South Indian cinema superstar Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda is also seen in this scene. In the beginning of the scene, Sonu Sood shoots the hero three or four times in a row. And, then drags him away. After being shot so many times, in the next scene, the hero beats up Sonu Sood. After a few moments, she uses a big brass plate as a shield to save the hero. The interesting thing is that when both of them fall down from the window, the hero who has been shot remembers to protect the heroine.

This is the scene from this movie

This scene is from the movie Sita. In which Kajal Agarwal and Sai Srinivas Balamkonda are in the lead roles. From the name, it can be guessed that the film is a romantic action movie. Apart from this, the war of love and money is also shown in the film. The chemistry between the hero and heroine in Sita movie was tremendous. Sonu Sood also left no stone unturned in terrorizing as a villain.

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