The highest earning TV actress once used to walk miles for just Rs 50, but today the fee for an episode is Rs 3 lakh.

The path to success has never been easy. To achieve the heights of success, a person needs years of determination. Similarly, an actor who is now known as a superstar has struggled for years to achieve this stardom. Today we will talk about an actress who is ruling TV. Currently, she is playing the lead actress role in India’s biggest daily soap and has become the highest earning actress. However, before becoming India’s favorite actress ‘Anupama’, Rupali Ganguly was a struggling actress who worked very hard.

Rupali’s family was struggling with financial crunch.

Rupali’s father is a popular film maker Anil Ganguly and he lost all his money after making some films including Dharmendra’s film ‘Dushman Devta’. Due to lack of corporate system, the film maker used his personal property to complete his film. However, after the huge loss, Rupali and her family lost everything and had no money. Due to the tension of financial constraints, his father even developed diabetes.

Rupali used to walk 15 km to earn Rs 50 and a samosa

When Rupali’s family was in financial crisis, she started doing theater and often walked 15 km to save money. In an interview with Mashable India, Rupali revealed that she used to walk from Worli to Prithvi Theater Juhu to save money. Rupali got only Rs 50 for her first play. “My first play, Atmakatha, was produced by Dinesh at Prithvi Theatre. I got Rs 50 for the play and sometimes I would also get a samosa.”

Rupali Ganguly: India’s highest paid television actress

According to the report of Times of India, Rupali Ganguly is the highest earning TV star and she charges Rs 3 lakh for an episode. After the great success of Anupama, Rupali increased her fee from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per episode.

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