The person who kidnapped Akir in Teri Meri Doriyan will be exposed, Sahiba and Angad will take a new step, fans said – now soon…

Teri Meri Doriyan serial is in the news these days because Angad and Sahiba have parted ways. However, the makers have now pitted both of them against each other, the reason for which has been son Akir. But this union of Sahiba and Angad seems to be very difficult because Diljeet has come between them. Meanwhile, a new promo of the serial has come out, in which the face of Akir’s kidnapper has been revealed. Whereas Sahiba and Angad seem surprised to know this.

In the promo shared on Star Plus’s Instagram page, Angad tells Sahiba that she has committed a sin by hiding the truth about her son Akir from her and he will never forgive her. Sahiba says that she will not let their hatred affect her son, she does not need his apology or apology, she will look for Akir herself. While both are seen running on the streets. Then they see Daljeet running away with Akir and they mistake him for a kidnapper.

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Talking about the latest track, in the serial Angad has come to know the truth about Akir being his father, due to which he is trying to find him. Whereas Daljeet is also trying his best to save Akir. Due to this, he goes out to search for Akir and hears Akir’s voice, due to which he runs to save him.

Let us tell you, fans like Sahiba and Angad’s love story very much. The fans have named this pair #SahAn. However, for the last few episodes, the fans are not liking the distance between Sahiba and Angad and they want to see both of them together. However, seeing the latest track, fans say that they should unite Sahiba and Angad as soon as possible.

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