The person who made deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna arrested, the news created a sensation

Delhi Police on Saturday (January 20) claimed that they have arrested the main culprit of the viral deepfake of actress Rashmika Mandanna. Rashmika’s face was superimposed on a video of British influencer Zara Patel in deepfake. Rashmika case is being investigated since November 2023 as this was the first case. After this, deepfake videos of many celebs like Alia Bhatt, Kajol, Sachin Tendulkar were revealed. Delhi Police interrogated several social media users who had shared Rashmika’s deepfake but were still unable to trace the person who created it.

Recently, a gaming app tampered with a video of Sachin Tendulkar and ran a false promotional campaign. Sachin spoke on X and clarified that the video asking his followers to play the game on that particular app was false. These videos are fake. It is disturbing to see the widespread misuse of technology. Everyone is requested to report such videos, advertisements and apps in large numbers. Social media platforms need to be alert and responsive to complaints. Immediate action from their side is necessary so that misinformation and fake news can be stopped. @GoI_MeitY, @Rajeev_GoI and @MahaCyber1.

Strict rules to fight deepfakes

Union Minister of State for IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar said that the government is in the process of bringing strict rules. The minister said that deepfakes and misinformation are becoming a problematic issue and the government will keep an eye on measures taken by platforms that can help tackle this problem.

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