The son of 90s popular villain Gulshan Grover is no less than a hero, you will also ask why he does not act?

Badman actually means a bad man. But in Bollywood when one is called bad man, it is not an evil but an achievement. Which Gulshan Grover has achieved. Gulshan Grover has created so many villain looks in Hindi films that he has become identified with the bad man. Although he has been seen in the role of a bad man i.e. a villain in most of the films, but in real life he is said to be a very happy-go-lucky and open-minded person. Gulshan Grover’s son is also trying his hand in the film world now. But he is going to work behind the scenes. However, looking at his looks, you can definitely ask the question that why doesn’t he act.

He is Gulshan Grover’s son

Gulshan Grover’s son’s name is Sanjay Grover. A few years ago, there was a buzz that he was going to make a web series on Osho’s controversial secretary. At that time, many of his pictures went viral. Seeing Sanjay Grover’s looks in these pictures, anyone can guess that he is a very handsome and smart young man. Who looks no less than a hero. Due to his macho look, he is seen giving competition to many star kids. Despite this, Sanjay Grover has not chosen to work as an actor in films. Rather, he is busy planning to do something new behind the scenes.

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badman’s request

Gulshan Grover himself has told in an interview about his son that he never wanted to join films. But he persuaded his son a lot. Accepting his father’s request, Sanjay Grover chose the work of production. Before this, Sanjay Grover was working in MGM Studios in California. From there, he has returned with experience of creativity, distribution and finance.

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