The thoughts of the murderer, the struggle of the crime reporter, these top 5 Hindi crime thriller web series of Netflix will force you to think.

Every month a new series is released on Netflix, some of these are such series that people wait a lot to watch. There are some series also, about which people are not even aware. Whereas these are quite explosive and full of entertainment. Today we are telling you about five such crime thriller Hindi web series, which once you watch them, you will be engrossed in them and will not be able to get up from your seat. Not only this, through these series you will be able to see the struggle of the crime reporter and at other times you will be able to know what the murderer thinks.

Top 5 web series of Netflix

This is a great thriller series. Its story is about a young boy who dies a day before his marriage. After that two police officers come to solve this case. How he solves this case and how his personal life gets ruined. It has been shown well in this.

The Railway Man
The story of The Railway Man is based on the Bhopal gas tragedy. Which happened in 1984. There are only 4 episodes in this series. The series shows how many railwaymen come together to help save people from the Bhopal gas tragedy. From the cast of the series to the scenes, everyone is wonderful.

Scoop depicts the story of crime reporter Jagriti who gets entangled in the murder of her colleague. To prove herself right, she fights the legal system. The show shows the truth of journalism and how people’s voices are often suppressed.

The Fame Game
Madhuri Dixit was seen in the lead role in The Fame Game. This is the story of a Bollywood star whose life revolves around stardom. However, she suddenly disappears and after that her family starts searching for her. After which his daughter is made a star.

Delhi Crime
Netflix’s web series Delhi Crime is very fantastic. In this series, it was shown about the Nirbhaya case which happened in December 2012. The second season of this series has also arrived which was also liked a lot.

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