The trend of watching Amrapali Dubey’s Vidya on YouTube continues at a rapid pace, this is the story of a daughter who fulfills the dreams of her parents.

If you are fond of watching Bhojpuri movies then you would not be unaware of the name of Amrapali Dubey. This hit actress of Bhojpuri films is popular on YouTube these days. The reason for this is a film by Amrapali Dubey which is being liked by the audience very much on this platform. Some time has passed since this film was released. But it was officially released on YouTube only nine days ago and within nine days, YouTube is being shaken by the storm of Amrapali Dubey. The name of this movie of Amrapali Dubey is Vidya. Which is collecting huge hits.

Amrapali Dubey is in the lead role in Vidya movie. Apart from this, you can also see Gopal Chavan, Santosh Pehalwan, Priya Dixit, Sujit Sarthak, Pratyaksha Tiwari, Ridita Tiwari in the film. This movie has been directed by the famous director of Bhojpuri films, Istiaq Shaikh Bantikatha and the dialogues have been written by Arvind Tiwari. Since the release of Vidya, the audience has been desperate to watch this film. And, as soon as this film came on YouTube, fans did not waste any time in watching it. Due to which the film has received more than 1 crore 15 million (1.50 crore) hits in just six days.

The story of this film is completely different from common Bhojpuri films. In the film you can see the struggle of a girl who is educated by her parents despite living in extreme poverty. So that the daughter can become something. The daughter also makes her parents’ dream come true by working hard. Meanwhile, one has to face many struggles also. Amrapali Dubey has given her life to this role with her acting. This is the reason why the film is getting immense love from the audience.

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