These actresses became famous in every household by playing ‘Sita’ on TV, people used to stand in queues just to get a glimpse of her.

Tv actresses played sita role: Every time Ramayan Katha came on TV, its popularity remained at its peak. In these religious serials based on the Ramayana story, the actors who played Ram and Sita also started ruling the hearts of the people. Many actresses played the role of Sita on TV and the popularity of all of them is not hidden from anyone. Today we are telling about such actresses who came on screen as Sita Mata and even today people fold their hands respectfully remembering the character played by her.

Deepika Chikhalia
The actress who was most successful in the role of Sita Mata is Deepika Chikhlia. Yes, Deepika has truly lived the character of Sita Mata. Deepika played the role of Mother Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. That was such a time of Doordarshan era that wherever she went, people used to touch her feet and take blessings. Not only this, if people had come to know that Deepika had arrived somewhere, they would have stood in line to seek blessings from her.

Rubina Dilaik
Rubina Dilaik played the role of Sita Mata in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. This star was the most superhit serial of India or we can say that people used to leave everything else to watch Mohit Raina’s Mahadev. In this show, a chapter of Ramayana was shown, in which Rubina played Sita.

Debina Banerjee
Following the path of his father Ramanand Sagar, his son Anand Sagar recreated Ramayana. This time Debina Banerjee played the role of Sita. Debina Banerjee got tremendous popularity in the role of Sita.

Smriti Irani
When Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana became a hit, BR Chopra also made Ramayana. Smriti Irani played the role of Mother Sita in this Ramayana.

Neha Sargam
Ramayana was also telecast on Zee TV. Neha Sargam played ‘Sita’ in that show, although this Ramayana did not get much response from the audience.

Madirakshi Mundle
There was a TV show based on Ramayana named Siya Ke Ram. Here the main character of Mother Sita was shown, which was played by Madirakshi Mundle.

Shivya Pathania
There was a show on Colors channel, Ram Siya Ke Luv-Kush. Actress Shivya Pathania was seen in the role of Mother Sita in this show.

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