These beauties were caught stealing instead of buying their favorite things, the third one is the owner of crores of rupees

Have you ever gone to a shop and tried to pick up something silently or take it away without paying? There are many people who definitely try like this. For common people, this can be a common habit, hobby or compulsion. But can even stars who earn lakhs and crores of rupees steal small things in a pinch? It is possible that this may seem impossible. But there are many such stories which point towards shoplifting of stars. Famous stars of the country and the world have also tried to pick up something quietly from some shop. The interesting thing is that some of them have also been caught red handed. Let us tell you who those stars are.

Lindsay Lohan

In 2011, Lindsay Lohan was found stealing a necklace worth two and a half thousand dollars from a shop. She was also seen wearing a necklace stolen from a Venice Beach jewelry store. After this, he was also sentenced to 480 hours of community service and 120 days in jail. Not only this, he also had to take psychological counseling and complete alternative courses.

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