This 80s actress became famous by playing a character on TV, not in films, fans still salute her image created from Doordarshan show.

Everyone became famous by playing the character in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. Be it Arun Govil who plays the role of Ram, Sunil Lahiri who plays the role of Lakshman or Deepika Chikhlia who plays the role of Sita. At that time people started worshiping everyone like God and even today fans see him in the same form. Deepika Chikhalia, who played the role of Sita in Ramayana, is celebrating her birthday on 29th April. On his birthday, let us tell you some special things related to him. Deepika Chikhalia is celebrating her 59th birthday today. She started her acting career at a very young age but she got her real identity only by becoming Sita.

Listen Made debut with Meri Laila

Deepika had entered the industry even before Ramayana. He made his debut with the film Sun Meri Laila. But he did not get that success. He also worked in many TV shows. Then at the age of 20-21, she was offered the role of Sita in Ramayana. After this role, Deepika never looked back. She became a star very quickly.

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people used to touch feet

For Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, Deepika Chikhlia had given screen test not 1-2 but 4 times. After passing the screen test, she got the role of Sita and her luck changed. People started worshiping him like a god in every house. Not only this, even people older than Deepika used to touch her feet. After Ramayana, Deepika could not get the work she wanted. Even the makers were afraid of casting her for a bold role because her image of Mata Sita had developed among the people. After acting, Deepika has now entered politics also. She had joined BJP.

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