This 90s show made a world record, received 14 lakh letters in a week – had to rent a tempo

There was a time when people liked the shows on TV so much that crowds used to gather in their homes to watch them. There were many TV shows in which suggestions were sought from the audience, while in some shows people were also wished for their birthday. People were so crazy to see their name or picture on TV that they kept sending their postcards to the address of the TV show. Now the host of one such show has made a big revelation, in which he has told how the audience had sent him 14 lakh postcards in a week. The most important thing is that to receive so many postcards from people, they had to hire a tempo.

Name registered in Limca Book
Actually, we are talking here about the popular show Surbhi which was aired on Doordarshan in the 90s. Whose host Siddharth Kak has said this about the show. He told that due to receiving 14 lakh postcards in a week, his name was registered in Limca Book of World Records. Not only this, he also told that after such a large number of postcards received by him, the Ministry of Communications had increased the price of the postcards.

more letters than expected
Let us tell you that Siddharth Kak hosted this popular show with Renuka Shahane. Siddharth told in his interview that the people of the country were our research team, whatever you wanted to know, they used to tell you everything. You just had to ask and they would give you the information. He said that we never expected such a reaction. In the first few months of the show, we received about 10-15 and 100 to 200 letters, but after four to five months we started receiving about five thousand postcards. It became quite difficult because you had to read each letter, so we asked the audience to send us a postcard.

Post office people are also worried
Surabhi’s host Kak told that at that time the price of a postcard was around 15 paise. The government used to give subsidy on it, because its real price was 50 to 60 paisa. People used to talk to each other through this. Therefore, exemption was given on this by the government. People started sending so many postcards for the show that even the post office people got worried. Kak told that once he got a call from Andheri Post Office that they neither had space to keep postcards nor any means to deliver such a large quantity of letters. He said that you yourself come and take the postcards, we had to tempo to bring so many letters together. Because there were hundreds of bags filled with postcards lying there.

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