This actor did not want to be with his mother during her last moments, his first earning was Rs 50, today his net worth is Rs 6300 crores…what to know?

After becoming a hit in Hindi cinema, almost every star has only one desire that he should be seen in Hollywood movies and also be liked. But there is one Bollywood star who became the king of this world. Ruled people’s hearts with his romantic style. But the very name of turning to Hollywood sets it back. This little child is the same star who is shining with the brightest light on the stage of Bollywood. The world knows him by the name of Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan, who rules Bollywood, has also seen some very emotional moments in his personal life. Mother’s passing was one of those moments. In this photo, the child seen in the lap of a girl is Shahrukh Khan.

wanted to stay away from mother

Shahrukh Khan himself has shared this story in an interview. His mother was admitted in ICU. At that time his elders advised him to keep praying. If the prayer is accepted then the mother will be cured. Shahrukh Khan kept praying continuously. After some time the doctors said that he should go to ICU. Instead of going to his mother, Shahrukh Khan wanted to keep praying. He felt that if he did this then his mother would be fine. But the family members explained that it was necessary to go to the mother at the last moment. After that Shahrukh Khan went to his mother.

distance from hollywood

Many Bollywood stars have turned to Hollywood. Shahrukh Khan also got this opportunity through Slumdog Millionaire. Shahrukh Khan was the first choice of the makers in place of Anil Kapoor. But Shahrukh Khan refused to do this role. Shahrukh Khan had said about this in an interview that he can neither dance as well as John Travolta. Nor is he as good looking as Tom Cruise. That’s why he never aspires to go to Hollywood.

Shahrukh Khan’s first earning

Today Shahrukh Khan is one of the richest actors in the world. Shahrukh Khan’s net worth is Rs 6300 crore, but do you know that his first earning was only Rs 50. Yes, Shahrukh once used to work as a ticket seller in the theatre, from where he used to earn Rs 50. This may sound strange, but it is absolutely true.

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