This actor pointed a finger at Big Boss, said- who remembers its contestants, people forget them as soon as the next season starts

Bollywood actor and now critic KRK i.e. Kamal Rashid Khan often stays in the headlines by sharing his reviews on Twitter. This time KRK commented about Bigg Boss contestants. KRK wrote on the social media platform X, in the last 17 seasons, about 350 people have come as contestants in this show. How many of them do you remember? Barely 10. Who did the last season, the audience forgets them as soon as the next scene comes. So Bigg Boss cannot make anyone a star. Yes, Bigg Boss can definitely give you some recognition.

Let us tell you that this statement of KRK has come when the buzz of the third season of Bigg Boss OTT has started in the market. Recently a new promo was released. It has become clear from this that this time not Salman Khan but Anil Kapoor is going to host. This is the first time that Anil Kapoor is associated with this show. Earlier whenever he came, he came as a guest. This time it is the first time that Anil Kapoor will join this show as a judge.

Anil Kapoor’s fans are excited about his entry in Bigg Boss, but Salman Bhai’s fans are a little sad too. Because Salman Khan always takes the show to the next level with his style. However, Anil Kapoor is no less than anyone in terms of energy. It remains to be seen how much he understands the format of the show and how he bonds with the contestants and how he teaches them a lesson.

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