This actor refused to play the role of Dronacharya in Doordarshan’s Mahabharata, 36 years later he said- I want to play the role of an old man…

BR Chopra’s Mahabharata is one of the best TV shows. This show on the national channel was liked so much that people are still seen talking about it. Surendra Pal played the role of Dronacharya in the show. Now years later, he has revealed that I had first refused to do this role but later I realized how important this role was.

Surendra Pal revealed

Surendra Pal said in an interview- I thought my career was over before it even started, so I refused Goofy sahab. I said- Sir I will not play the role of an old man because I have come to the film industry to become a hero. He told me wait-wait. I said I am leaving the office. I left. He said- Was Dronacharya an old man? Dronacharya was the army general. He could make ten Arjuns and ten Duryodhans and he scolded me for a long time. Chopra sahab also told him to keep calm. Calm down, these are kids these days.

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Goofy further said- what children they are. They are educated, right? They don’t know anything and they come to work. Tell them who Dronacharya was, what did he do. There can be no person like Dronacharya. Bhishma Pitamah, Dronacharya were the pillars of Mahabharata. After listening to this from Goofy, Surendra Pal agreed to play the role of Dronacharya and he played this role very well. BR Chopra’s Mahabharata was telecast again during the lockdown. People watched it a lot during this time too. Mahabharata got very good TRP during the lockdown. People were liking to watch all the old serials on TV.

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