This actor started running on the roof of the train for film promotion, angry fans said – impose fine

It has become a compulsion for actors and actresses to do anything for film promotion. Sometimes one has to go to event shows, sometimes one has to promote the film in reality shows and sometimes something that surprises the fans. In this matter, film stars sometimes have to cross limits. Vidyut Jammwal is also doing something similar these days. Whose upcoming movie is full of tremendous action as well as dangerous stunts. For the promotion of this film, Vidyut Jammwal did something that he even had to face the displeasure of the fans. You decide for yourself what you will say after seeing this dangerous film promotion of Vidyut Jammwal.

race on the roof of the train

Vidyut Jamwal has shared a video from his Instagram account. In which he is seen running on the roof of the train. And, after that he is seen coming out of a bogie. While sharing this video, Vidyut Jamwal wrote that he is a trained Kalaripattu martial artist. And, he is also an action stunt man by profession. While promoting his film Krack, he wrote that I get inspiration to do stunts from the people around me. Those who are standing crammed in the train or sitting on the terrace. When a family of four rides only one bike. People run wildly to catch the bus. They do all this without any training and without any harness. Such daredevils are called crack. I dedicate my films and songs to such people.

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fine this

Some users liked this stunt of Vidyut Jammwal while some also got angry. One user wrote that IRCTC fine is about to come. One user wrote that it was very sad to see this. This is not a joke. People get inspired by such heroes. Some users also praised this stunt of Vidyut Jamwal and wrote that he is a real life hero.

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