This actress became famous by debuting with Shahrukh Khan 23 years ago with ‘Ashoka’, now at the age of 42 it will be difficult to recognize her.

Shahrukh Khan’s film Ashoka, released 23 years ago, proved to be a superhit. Kareena Kapoor, Rahul Dev, Danny Denzongpa and Rishita Bhatt were seen playing important roles with him in this film. Along with the cast of the film, its story was also tremendous due to which the film created a stir at the box office. Rishita entered the industry with this film. The special thing is that in the very first film, Rishita played the role of Shahrukh’s wife and the film became a hit. Many years have passed since this film and the cast has also changed completely. It is not easy to recognize anyone. Everyone’s looks have changed completely.

Rishita Bhatt is 42 years old and even today she competes with actresses in terms of fitness. You will be shocked to see his transformation.

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