This actress married a 44 year old superstar at the age of 22, their love is such that even today fans give examples.

When it comes to flirtatiousness on screen or if you want to win hearts with your carefree style, then Syrabano’s name comes first on Zumba. She is that actress who not only won the hearts of the audience with her seriousness but also ruled the hearts of people with her innocence and bubbly style. As much as Syrabano was a hit through her films, she also made the same headlines for her love. Talking about love, for Sairabano it meant only Dilip Kumar.

After marriage with whom Saira Banu put a condition that even Dilip Kumar could not say anything and Mehmood would be troubled by running around.

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condition laid for padasan film

Saira Banu started loving Dilip Kumar like crazy after seeing his picture. The age was carefree but the feelings of love had become completely sensible. After this, Saira Banu also got a chance to work in films and after her marriage with Dilip Kumar, her childhood love was fulfilled. After this marriage, Mehmood offered the film Padosan to Syrabano. But instead of saying yes to the film, Sarabano put the condition of staying with Dilip Kumar only. After which Mahmood moved everything to convince him.

this is how it happened

To somehow make Syrabano say yes to the film, Mehmood took the help of Dilip Kumar. And, said that he should ask Sirabano to do the film. Dilip Kumar himself had succumbed to Saerabano’s condition and told Mehmood to convince Saerabano himself, there was no objection from his side. Ultimately, Syrabano did not agree but to fulfill her condition, Mehmood agreed to set up the set in the same city where Dilip Kumar’s shooting was going on. After which Syrabano could live with her sir and also work in films.

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