This beautiful actress was a belly dancer before coming into films, had adopted Islam to marry her boyfriend who was 12 years younger to her.

Bollywood actress Amrita Singh is celebrating her birthday on 8 February. Amrita Singh, who was an actress at one time, was known as Saif Ali Khan’s wife and Sara Ali Khan’s mother after marriage, but at one time she was the leading actress of the industry. Although she married Saif Ali Khan at the age of 34, their marriage did not last. These two separated after 13 years of marriage. On the occasion of her birthday, let us tell you some facts about Amrita Singh which you might not know.

Lesser known facts about Amrita Singh

1- Amrita Singh was born in a Sikh family. She is the daughter of Rukhsana Sultana (political activist) and army officer Shivinder Singh Virk.

2- Amrita Singh is the niece of popular novelist Khushwant Singh. Apart from this, he has connections with many big personalities of the film industry.

3- Amrita Singh was a belly dancer before coming to Bollywood.

4- Amrita Singh debuted in Bollywood in 1983 with Betaab. His film with Sunny Deol proved to be a huge hit. After Betaab, the actress’s career gained momentum.

5- Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh met on the sets of Rahul Rawail’s film. Saif and Kajol were in lead roles in the film. Saif Ali Khan fell in love with young actress Amrita Singh as soon as he saw her. At that time Saif Ali Khan was in the initial phase of his career while Amrita was a well settled actress.

6- Their decision to take their relationship to the next level shocked the world. In October 1991, both of them took vows to be with each other in a grand ceremony. However, Amrita’s parents were never happy with her decision to marry a man 12 years younger to her. That too, who had not yet made his place in the industry. Amrita Singh had also converted to Islam to marry her love.

7- Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan have two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

8- Amrita and Saif lived together for 13 years. In the year 2004, both of them decided to end this relationship.

9- There were rumors that Saif Ali Khan’s closeness to Italian dancer Rosa Catalano was the reason for the breakup of his marriage.

10- After divorce, Amrita Singh kept her entire focus on raising children. After a break of some time, he returned to the big screen with supporting roles in 2 States, Flying Jatt and Hindi Medium.

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