This Bollywood star had taken Bhojpuri to great heights, had deep connections with famous stars, cancer took his life

You must remember Rajesh Khanna’s famous song Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu. In this song, the other actor riding in the jeep with Rajesh Khanna was Sujit Kumar. Actually Sujit Kumar does not need any introduction. But this example has been presented to refresh memories. Sujit Kumar has worked in many Hindi films. His style was different in suspense movies. Apart from this, he was seen in character roles, sometimes as the hero’s friend and sometimes in the villain’s role. Sujit Kumar, who worked in Bollywood for a long time, also worked a lot in Bhojpuri films and got special recognition for it.

Worked in 25 Bhojpuri films

You must also remember the Bhojpuri hit song Kashi Heele Patna Heele. This song was from Sujit Kumar’s Bhojpuri film Dangal. He worked in about 25 Bhojpuri films and gave him special recognition. Due to his excellent relations with big stars in Bollywood, he could also provide benefits to Bhojpuri films. He worked in a film named Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo in 1962. Apart from this, he worked in many films like Saiya Magan Pahalwani Mein, Sajai Da Maang Hamar, Paan Khae Saiya Hamar, Ganga Jaisan Bhauji Hamar. The 1991 Bhojpuri film Ganga Kahe Pukar Ke proved to be his last Bhojpuri film.

Cancer took away life

Apart from being active in Bollywood and Bhojpuri film industry, Sujit Kumar was also very active on TV. He also did Daansh and horror TV shows. Apart from this he also made films. Sujeet Kumar was the producer of Juhi Chawla, Arbaaz Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s Daar. Sujit Kumar got cancer in the year 2007. Due to cancer, he left this world in 2010.

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