This Bollywood superstar was about to debut with Kajol, then something happened that he was thrown out of the first film, who recognized him?

Today we are going to talk about a Bollywood superstar who has been in the news a lot for his professional life as well as his personal life. His Begum is the darling of the Kapoor family and his daughter is the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. Now after such a big hint, surely you must have recognized this cute child seen in the picture. If you still haven’t been able to gasp after seeing this black and white picture, then let us tell you that these kings are from the royal family, but their names are popular in Bollywood. But when it came to debuting in Bollywood, he was thrown out of the first film due to his unprofessional behaviour.

So use your brain and identify who they are.

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Who is this child seen with Sharmila Tagore?

If despite putting so much effort in your mind, you have not been able to recognize this child, then let us tell you that he is none other than Bebo’s life. Yes, by now you must have understood that we are talking about Chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan. This cute child, seen with his mother Sharmila Tagore in this black and white picture, has become a Bollywood superstar. Be it films or web series, Saif Ali Khan has ruled the hearts of people everywhere with his acting. Be it his marriage with older actress Amrita Singh or his high profile divorce, Saif Ali Khan’s personal life has always been in the headlines. And at that time, Saif came into more limelight when he got married to the darling of the Kapoor family, Kareena Kapoor. Today both are counted among the most lovable couples of Bollywood.

Thrown out from the very first film

Very few people know that after studying at Lawrence School in Himachal, Saif Ali Khan went to the United Kingdom for higher education and when he returned from here, he worked in an advertising firm in Delhi for a few months. After this, he also played a small role in a TV ad shot in Gwalior. You will be surprised to know that Saif Ali Khan was the first to debut with Kajol in the film tradition, but due to his unprofessional behavior he was thrown out of the film, Saif Ali Khan himself had told about this during an interview. . After this, Saif Ali Khan started his career with the film Bekhudi in 1992 and after that he never looked back. He has been working in the Bollywood industry for the last two decades, last year his film Adipurush was released in which he played the role of Ravana. Saif has played characters ranging from comedy to romantic and villain on the big screen.

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